2024 Socio-Economic Development Contributions – Ebor Automotive Systems

Ebor Automotive Systems is devoted to the Education and Development of young minds as it ties closely to a person’s goals in life and to their future well-being.

As part of Ebor’s 2024 Corporate Socio Responsibility, the company has provided the much-needed assistance to 3 local schools in the neighbouring communities of its Perseverance Industrial Site. For some of these schools, it is not the first donation that has been received from Ebor which proves the enormous support and commitment by the company in supporting these local schools.

Ndzondelelo High School – Koyana Street, Zwide, Port Elizabeth, 6005

A lack of resources in this local school is a challenge and at times can be an obstacle in providing the needs of learners. A donation was allocated to Ndzondelelo High School and was used to obtain school chairs to ensure that the classroom is conducive to learning. School uniform was obtained for learners as most of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds where unemployment is a reality.

Emafini Primary School – KwaDwesi, Ibhayi, 6201

Early childcare development is a learner’s first step on their educational journey, where their teachers introduce them to vital skills, these are the foundational skills learners will continue to build on, not only in their schooling but throughout life. To assist in making this a possibility, a donation was allocated to Emafini Primary School to obtain Grade R educational resources and new school chairs for the little ones.

Sivuyiseni Primary School – 186 Ralo St, KwaMagxaki, Ibhayi, 6202

Additional donation was allocated to Sivuyiseni Primary School to assist in enhancing the learning environment. A stimulating learning environment has benefits of engaging learners in the learning process and enhancing their educational experience and creativity. White Boards, Chess Kits and Mathematics Kits were obtained to assist teachers in delivering lessons in a way that will engage learners.

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