Ebor’s core business and capabilities lie in the consistent production of high quality technical mouldings to global standards.

Primarily a Tier 1 supplier, Ebor is open to developing partnerships with other Tier 1 suppliers to produce moulded components that other companies may not have the capability or capacity to produce internally.

Ebor’s operating systems conform to the requirements of the International Organisation for Standardisation – ISO/TS 16949 IATF and ISO 14001/ISO 18001.

By investing in premium equipment and a focused, capable team, Ebor continues to deliver the excellent product quality and production reliability that customers have come to expect.

Ebor strives to be competitive as a local industry player, capable of meeting international standards in quality, delivery and pricing.

MOTAN Central Feeding System

Since the VW 270 POLO/ MQB Project inception, EBOR has identified the need to acquire a central material feeding system, which would meet the increasing demands of material distribution of plastic granulate. EBOR methodically planned the purchase and implementation of this state of the art system, engineered to meet the plant’s specific needs.

Through the utilization of automated measurement and control, the MOTAN system has contributed vastly towards the Perseverance plant’s increase in operational efficiency and risk reduction, associated with the broad spectrum use of different materials.

The Motan Metrolink serves as an integral component, within the system architecture.

This hardware component is also the first of its kind to be installed on the African continent supporting EBOR’s innovative strategy. This technology offers the most advanced automated material selection and routing via an indexing system.
This system services the autonomous material needs of all the Injection Moulding Machines within the Machine Hall 1 facility.
Sourced out of Europe, the equipment was delivered in late August and subsequently installed and commissioned through-out the month of September 2017, by a global team.
This deepening EBOR’s investment into enabling technical capabilities.

HOT Plate Welding

The product design of the VW 270 Instrument Panel’s Fuse Box Cover, Tier 2 supplied to Faurecia Interior Systems, required a robust yet cost effective manufacturing solution.

EBOR’s Technical Team, together with a local machine builder, strategized the process development and successfully implemented the Hot Plate Welding Technology in conjunction with product specific thermal tooling.

This consistently ensuring a uniform and molecular bond of the product’s upper and lower surfaces, to customer specifications.

UPGRADE to LED Lighting in Finished Goods Store

During early February 2019 EBOR replaced most Incandescent Hi Bay Lighting to new Hi Powered 150 W LED Lighting, throughout their Finished Goods Warehouse.

The implementation of the 41 new units was completed over a 3 day period.

This initiative was driven by EBOR’s Health and Safety Committee, together with our continual drive for improvement and reduction in energy consumption.