25th May 2020 – Update on EBOR East London Plant. (Machine & Equipment Deliveries to EBOR East London Facility)

The EBOR East London plant facility is proud to announce, the recently received delivery of Engel Injection Moulding Machines.

The machine fleet ranges from 160 tons to 1300 tons machine (in clamping force) and were shipped from various Engel manufacturing sites globally.

All containing Engel’s latest level of technology, with the required features perfectly matching the various product applications.

The 160 ton machine manufactured in Korea was shipped directly into the Port of East London.

All middle ranged machines from 350 tons to 800 tons were shipped from China-Shanghai to the Port Of Coega in Port Elizabeth.

All bigger machines, with physical weight ranges between 50-60 tons and clamping force ranges of between 900 tons to 1300 tons were shipped from China-Shanghai to the Port of Durban.

These then required special road freight arrangements, for secure delivery into the plant.

Machine installation and commissioning activities are currently being conducted, by Greentech Machinery representing Engel within South Africa.

These machines can produce and process products within a wide range of raw materials not limited to but including PA6, PC, PC-ABS, PPGF50, PP TD20, PP, together with various Grades of Elastomers.

All capable of moulding high quality, dimensionally stable parts.

To closely pair technology, the majority of supplied machines has been partnered with high precision auxiliary equipment, including Engel’s Linear Viper Robots to ensure accurate part transfer from moulds.

Secondary injection units have been configured to various assigned machines, in L – formation.

This configuration then enabling the integration of hydraulic indexing, rotary platens. Together ensuring the efficient injection of 2K Elastomers, for various end products.

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