EBOR High Gloss Parts

In mid 2022, EBOR received their first official enquiry into the production of High Gloss Parts.

This followed with nominations being placed in the later part of the same year.

Product and Process Development is now in project phase, with first off tool samples having been produced in China April 2023.

EBOR Project Manager, Morne van der Mescht, was in attendance at the various tool trials.

This ensuring a sound foundation for technology transfer, destined for EBOR’s East London Plant, during June 2023.

High Gloss Moulding requires a high level of technical expertise’s and robust processing techniques, to achieve the desired quality levels, associated with these parts.

All supporting elements and services have therefore been planned for execution, prior to the launch in O4 2022 through Q1 2024.

The above brings a new dimension of capability to EBOR’s already vast portfolio of technical mouldings.

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