K-Show Düsseldorf Germany

EBOR is proud to report the attendance of Mr.Nigel Bennett (EBOR Operations Director) at the K-Show Düsseldorf Germany, for the period of the 16th and 17th October 2019.

K is the world renowned premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry and has been in existence since 1953. It serves as an international innovation platform for raw materials, processing and application technology. The fair has been organized by Messe – Düsseldorf, since 1953 and now occurs on a tri-annual basis.

The proof was evident that with 3,330 exhibitors from 63 nations showcased, together with 224,116 visitors from 168 countries, plastic continues to be an innovative and indispensable medium, for products across a broad spectrum of worldwide industries.

It was also interesting to note that the machinery, processing and equipment manufacturing, was by far the biggest segment at K 2019 with around 1,975 exhibitors.

“EBOR’s presence, at K2019, offered a unique opportunity to network with potential suppliers of products and services, at a common location enabling strategic exposure to market leading innovation and enabling technologies, on offer globally. This is in further support of EBOR’s gearing towards future growth, together with evaluation of opportunities in improving future market competitiveness. Facilitation of a multi-machine negotiation was also conducted with Greentech and ENGEL.” – Nigel Bennett

One of the most prominent topics of discussion, at K2019, focused specifically on the circular economy concept (CEC). Reprocessing of material in an infinite loop, has historically been challenging. However various polymer materials have been developed to align with the CEC. This is still dependent on the end product’s specific application. A circular economy significantly reduces waste, together with the protection of vital future resources.

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