More VW Parts Produced by Ebor

Ebor Automotive Systems has completed the transfer of the VW Polo boot plastics tools (Side Shelves and Lock Carrier Cover) from Grupo Antolin, and is now supplying the VW Uitenhage plant with production parts. The tools are running on our new Engel 1700T machine, housed in the building extension which is rapidly approaching completion.

This project is a win-win for all concerned. It frees up space and capacity at Grupo Antolin for new projects being launched in 2017, and consolidates production of VW boot plastics at Ebor ahead of the launch of the new VW270 Polo.

The Ebor team would like to thank the Grupo Antolin team, led by Carl Andrews and Wouter Brits, for their tremendous support ahead of and during the transfer, which resulted in a seamless transition for the VWSA customer.

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